Electric Motorcycle

Is an Electric Motorcycle the Future of Transport?

An electric motorcycle may be a relatively new movement in the world of transport, but they have started to pick up speed and started to grab the attention of even the most enthusiastic motorcycle petrol head. An electric motorcycle is becoming a very popular option for many motorcycle users across the UK as more electric motorcycle options become increasingly easily available to purchase on the market today.

Red Electron Electric Motorcycle

Electric Motorcycle Vs Gas Motorcycle

As the presence of electric motorcycles becomes more prominent throughout the market the only issue electric motorcycles can see on the horizon is why should costumer’s covert to an electric motorcycle. What benefits does an electric motorcycle give you to convert the lifelong Harley Davidson petrol head motorcyclist into an economic electric motorcycle rider?

Advantages of an Electric Motorcycle


Power and Torque

One of the main concerns for a motorcycle enthusiast is will the electric motorcycle have the ride, power and acceleration to compete with the big gas motorcycles? Electric motorcycles provide the rider with instant 100% giving you such rapid acceleration and fantastic speed that is not to be expected from an electric motorcycle.


Repairs and Maintenance

Electric motorcycles are extremely low maintenance vehicles to keep in good condition as believe it or not they only consist of one moving part. This removes the need to check oil filters, spark plugs, timing belt etc that would usually be quite a time consuming and costly to repair or replace if issues were found with your gas motorcycle. All an electric motorcycle owner must ensure is regularly checked and maintained is tyres, brake pads and hydraulic fluid.


Help the Environment

As it has been well publicised in the media and across the world, the movement towards electric and environmentally friendly power is a concern in the community, therefore encouraging bike riders to convert to an electric motorcycle can have a significant benefit to the global community. These environmental benefits include reducing our carbon footprint, lowers CO2 emissions and reduces noise pollution to name just a few.